3 differences between Nollywood and Hollywood movies


Known as an act that attracts the interest of an audience providing happiness and pleasure. Entertainment is a part of everyday life and the industry has grown massive recognition over the years.

Everybody needs some form of Entertainment to get the day going because it is very important. Nigerian movie industry is known as Nollywood while Hollywood is American movie industry.

Many world class celebrities today are Entertainers, who not only make us happy with their art but they have successfully gained worldwide recognition.

In this article i will be telling you the differences between Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) and American movie industry (Hollywood).


Huge amount of money is spent on Hollywood movies because it is actually one of the best in the world. The marketing coupled with special effects makes Hollywood the most expensive movie industry in the world.

On the other hand production of Nollywood movies can be quite expensive but not like it's American counterpart.

pictures from the scenes of "Avengers Age of ultron", one of the most expensive Hollywood movies ever made with the total budget of $378.5million

Pictures from the scenes of "Half of a yellow sun" one of the most expensive Nollywood movies ever made with the total budget of N1.3billion which is roughly $3million.


Both Nollywood and Hollywood movies are usually very actionable but one takes the lead and that is Hollywood. The special effects utilized in Hollywood movies are very dynamic.

Nollywood Action movies

Hollywood Action movies


Hollywood movies has a wide variety of settings which is usually made possible by special effects. If you are a fan of American movies you will agree with me that the films takes place in many different locations and environments. Nigeria is also doing a great job in the movie sector as setting and location has greatly improved during the last few years.

pictures of some scenes from Nollywood movies that were shot outside the country.

Many Nollywood movies are actually shot outside of Nigeria and many Nigerian stars has actually starred in Hollywood movies.

Actor Olu Jacobs in Hollywood movie

Genevieve Nnaji in Hollywood movie

Stephanie Okeke in Hollywood movie

Which is your favorite, Nollywood or Hollywood?

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