Scott McTominay Survives Horror Tackle Against Southampton

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The game of Manchester United verses Southampton highly anticipated to be a very heated clash as both teams are on form. The encounter really started well with both teams trying to settle down and attack the opponent by moving the ball as fast as possible just as the managers had planned.

This didn't go very well for Southampton as their star, Alexandre JankeWitz, came flying with a very horrible tackle on Manchester United star, Scott McTominay, with Alex boots leaving scratch marks on McTominay's thigh

This just left the referee of the match, Mike Dean, with no option than to issue a straight red on JankeWitz for the tackle, leaving Southampton with ten players on the pitch.

Despite it being JankeWitz's second game of the season, his must be very furious with how he carelessly tackled the ball, even when he had no chance of winning it.

It might look a simple tackle but under slow movement it's very clear and lucky that he didn't catch McTominay's knee.

The Manchester United star was able to carry on with bruises on his thigh, as he wasn't injured to the extent of leaving the pitch.

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