Sangoma told me to exercise this ritual before bed, later on this happened in my life man explains

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A young man openly shared what happened after listening to a Sangoma he met for consultation. Man explained that his life was never the same after the loss of his parents. Instead of getting a job, employees would take him out without a valid reason he explained.

My life changed it was as though greatness was never close to my family. I tried as hard as I could unfortunately everything was falling apart. Before meeting with a stranger all I had in mind was to give up. Until man exposed himself that he has a calling and sees dark clouds above me he said.

Sangoma told me that my ancestors needed a drink in order to open up to me. He explained that before I slaughter they will never leave listen to my cries. One thing I did not know is that all they could ever appreciate was a little ceremony. Which Sangoma explained to me he said, he told me to gather people at my place. And buy tobbaco as well as candles to use for a prayer. Not forgetting alcohol and sniff, after doing as u was told.

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My life changed drastically I saw light that never shine on me, he said. One thing is praying to our ancestors is the key to greatness. Some people don't have a clue why some families succeed in life. Is because their ancestors are close to them, since they invite them in everything they do.

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