Sex toys are good for women with low libido

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According to Ghanaian actor Michael Agyare, also known as Grandpa, sex devices are 80% beneficial for both men and women, but especially for women with low libidos.

"I did some research and discovered that when your vulva is vigorously vibrated as a woman, you produce a significant amount of oxytocin, so picture having a vibrator in your vagina for around thirty minutes. You will release an abundance of oxytocin that will flood your room, he said.

Although there are many misunderstandings about sex toys that are based on religion, the actor claims that they are actually quite helpful and have a lot of advantages, including helping couples improve their sexual lives and reviving libido, among others.

Grandpa made these claims during an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor, the host of etv Ghana's adult entertainment program "In Bed With Adwen."

He explained that, contrary to popular belief, not all sex toys are dildos; rather, there are several other kinds of sex toys, of which dildos are only one. He said that in addition to the dildos, there are other devices like vibrators that are excellent for women with poor libido or sex desire.

He added that while there are sex toys available for men, those with low libidos can use them to learn more about themselves and how to have better sex lives.

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