Exercises That Will Enhance Your Shape


Before you continue reading, you must be a committed person and able to dedicate yourself to doing the undelisted exercises for at least 8weeks to start seeing results.

I have seen quite a number of women and men undergoing surgery to increase their bum and also to flatten their stomach. The results are instant but expensive. Not all can afford as high as three million naira to fix a body part you are not comfortable with.

Or we would look for teas and pills that purportedly help in losing fat. For some, after they stop these drugs they take, they pile the weight almost immediately.

There are 5 basic figures for women and they include rectangle, triangle, hour glass, inverted triangle and round.

The most desired shape by both men and women is the hour glass shape characterised by a balanced upper body and lower body.

Celebrities with hour glass shape are pictured below.

From the pictures above, you would realize that a balanced lower body is what is required to achieve a near or full hour glass shape.

For those who are not naturally blessed with a a slightly bigger lower body ie the hips and butt, find below the exercises for achieving fuller hips and round butts.

Also, there is a condition called hip dip which these exercises also help to correct .


Where the hips are typically depicted as protruding out, some may be a bit concave is what is called a hip dip. Surgery is used to disguise it by fat removal from the stomach which is now relocated to the hips.


All these exercises target the buttocks which are called The Glutes. The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.


A lot of us are lazy and not disciplined neither are we consistent hence we do not see results in our losing weight and firming up.

Here are some tested and trusted exercise routines to help increase the hips.


Side laying leg raise

One of the exercises to do is the side laying leg raise. Lay on your right side, then raise your right leg up consecutively for the count of 10. Your glutes must ache to show that the muscles in your glutes are being targeted.

You turn to your left and repeat the process this time focusing on your left leg this time 10 times.


Booty tap raise

Lay on the floor face flat with your feet slightly apart. Then raise your legs up for one session about 15times.

The other session involves while laying face down widening your legs apart all the while still on the floor.


Fire hydrant

Kneel on all fours, steady yourself and raise your right leg to the side 10times for starters. Then repeat same on the left. You must feel pain in your thighs.


Glute bridge

Leg raise glute bridge

Any glutes exercises as depicted in the above pictures are great for hip increment as well as a round butt. Do these glutes exercises regularly and see the results in weeks.


Side lunges with a touch to the feet

Simple side lunges

Side lunges are also great for hip increment as well as to even out hip dips. They target the muscles located at the hips and bulk it up for wider hips.

You can do these anywhere and you do not require any equipment.


Curtsy side lunges

These are self explanatory thanks to the picture. Do them any and everywhere. In the bathroom, office, before bed etc. Just do them.


Side high kick

Stand with feet slightly apart and throw your right leg in the air as high as you can. Start with 10 on each side. Do same for your left leg.


Stand on all fours. Raise your right leg out then bend at the knee raise it up . Lift it up and down 10times. Then do same to your left leg. Ensure you keep your back straight.

For more exercise inspirations, check out Chloe Ting on YouTube. There are also many more fitness classes to follow on you tube if going to the gym might not be feasible at the moment.

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