In Shock- See What The Bible Says About Foreigners

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Strangers are shunned by natives for a variety of unexplainable reasons. There are many South Africans who are clamoring for the deportation of all immigrants because of the pandemic, but they have forgotten that the virus itself is responsible for this so-called unemployment.

People in South Africa who are referred to as "immigrants" and treated with disdain are merely attempting to provide for their families. In spite of their present financial situation, God has not ordained that these people would be penniless permanently. In dealing with foreigners, South Africans must exercise particular vigilance.

Our country shall be ruled by foreigners, according to Deuteronomy, which is clear. If these folks continue to do what they're doing, South Africa's people will soon find themselves on their knees.

If this were to happen, the people of South Africa would bear the brunt of the consequences. I'd love to hear your comments on this. In addition to leaving a comment below, you may also like and share this article.


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