Online Dating Goes Bad


Some years ago when there was no internet, men and boys need to gather confidence before proposing to some girls who society calls 'Class of Girls'. And even other guys were still finding it difficult to propose to even an ordinary girl. At times shy guys need to employ the service of hardcore guys to talk to the girls they love for them and funny enough those guys sometimes turn up proposing to the girls for themselves.

But today things have taken different turn as guys go online and gets a lot of girls profile with pictures, go through it and make their choosing by sending them a message. They then chat on that site for a while and when they have believed them they now take it from the website by exchanging personal contacts.

Some don't take it serious but others take it to another level till they get marry and start a family. But because this way of proposal is a bit easy unlike proposing to the girl face to face initially, many guys abuse it with some l bad lifestyle. Today I will address four of such bad lifestyles.

1. Lying about themselves- Some of these men tell the ladies full lies about themselves by either showing a resident of a friend as their own. They borrow clothes from their friends and shoot pictures to send to the online girl lovers.

2. They chat with many women- These guys because of their dubious means online they chat and propose to many girls online knowing very the don't love any of them but just to take advantage of their ignorance.

3. Demanding their pictures with no clothes- Another bad lifestyle these guys lead is asking ladies they meet online to send them pictures with no clothes on them. All though they get some ladies to obey them but they turn to loose the ladies who are smart and intelligent with focus and visions.

4. Asking them to visit them - Most of these guys ask the girls they meet online to visit them and tell them they will spend a couple of days or three with them. Most of the time they are able to win the low minded girls but the well home trained girls refuse to go and even turn to block them from reaching them ever again.

This and other format are what some guys do online to abuse innocent young women who are desperate to marry. It's my prayer that those guys will always loose their target of destroying the loving lives of these girls.

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