Four Major Hidden Reasons Why The Dead Are Buried Six Feet Underground

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The cases of death rates in the country has been rising as more souls get lost.In many funerals there dead are buried underground in six feet and these are the four major reasons behind it.

1:To reduce the incidences of theft.

It may sound ironical but in real sense there have been people who steal the caskets to use in other purposes.This digging deep underground help to reduce such risks.

2: Reduce the more cost that could have been used if it was dug more feet's.

This makes the berieved to use less money while digging the grave where the dead will be left to rest. It saves more money that can be used in other activities.

3:Stop the spread of some diseases.

People die due to various diseases that could be transmitted from one person to the other.Burring someone to higher depths is believed to minimize the rate of transmission.

5:To reduce the incidences of spirit from the dead possessing someone.

In some communities it is believed that the evil spirits from the dead can get into someone once he or she is buried near the surface of the earth.

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