Bishop Oyedepo Gives Prophecy And Declaration

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Bishop Oyedepo Gives Prophecy And Declaration About The Next Seven Days

Bishop David Oyedepo is referred to as one of the most Successful and Powerful Pastor in Nigeria,He Is Known to always release prophecies and declarations concerning the lives of His church Members and also every Nigerian.

Recently,He has posted on His Facebook Page Releaseing Powerful Prophecies and Declarations for the week that has just started

He started by calling it prophetic declaration

This Liberation week shall Deliver your life,No one will be a victim of illness and disease,He went ahead and said As Your Faith Comes alive today,every unwanted situation shall leave you,and He also cured every form of terminal disease in your life.

He went ahead and Declared cancer ended in your life,stroke and paralysis are also cursed and anyone tormented under the sound of His voice is set free in Jesus name and also anyone appointed to death be made whole.

He also said anyone under the siege of life threatening disease be set free and also you shall not bury any of your family member.He Said that by the virtue of redemption,your dominion over sickness and disease is established.

While coming to the end of His prayers,He said that No one here shall be stranded again and anyone under siege of the present virus be healed.Its a brand new day and every prophetic word that He has releases shall be made manifest.

He said you should go in peace and return with testimonies

He is considered Powerful For Prayers and Declarations like this.

I pray this all come to pass in Jesus name

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