Checkout Top Asian Cars That Most People Don't Know About


The Asian vehicle marketplace is one of the biggest and most crucial in the global, that is why most manufacturers try to set up a robust foothold there. The most world love cars all come from Asia The likes of Toyota, Luxus, Honda and so forth. But it does not end there, Asia has different cars that you have in no way heard of and they' re great is you Mercedes and Audi of not better.

Hong QL

Luxury without a steering wheel.

China' s oldest vehicle production agency ′′hongql′′ presented a luxurious car without a steering wheel. The car is a limo and is self- riding without the need for a driver.

The outside of the car is designed with intense precision and skill, with extraordinary and wonderful interior accessories to offer a sense of luxury and luxury, however, the old company did not screen statistics about engine power or torque and speed.

Suzuki Misano

Inspired by motorcycles

Suzuki unveiled a brand new concept for a small sports car known as Misano inspired through motorcycle design.

The Misano sports car comes with a small chassis approximately 157. 4 inches long and Suzuki says it turned into stimulated by her car' s design as an exterior, driving experience, and all of the design features like a motorcycle steering wheel and outstanding wheels.

Polestar 1

This car is a combination of Volvo company and in cooperation with a Chinese company, this hybrid sports car is one of the quickest cars in the future, which will be released in the coming months and might be made in China.

The company did not announce the date of production of this test vehicle, however, it' s going to quickly present it to the general public for the first time at the auto display held at the Turin National Museum in Italy from May 15 to June 16.

Hong Qi H9

The Hong Qi H9 is a full- size executive saloon the design of which has drawn heavy proposal by BMW 7- Series, lMercedes S- Class, and the Rolls Royce Ghost.

The vehicle itself desires to be a vintage- college luxurious cruiser. The chassis favors easy driving rather than being tossed round in a chain of hairpins and that' s a very good issue since this is what executive saloons are all about.


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