"He Said He Is Tired Of Me, And I Must Leave His House For Good. What Should I Do?"

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I was genuinely surprised one day, when my one and only boyfriend that i had been with for over 10 years said something to me that changed the way i feel for good.

We were okay with each other for a long time, up until he decided to tell me that i must leave his house so i would become stranded.

He told me that he is tired of me and i must leave his house for good, this surprised me a lot as i did not think he would say that after the 10 years we had spent together.

And to be honest he also had asked me to move in with him, and this was all his idea.

But when he wanted me to move out it was easy for him to say so, i did not even understand why he said he is tired of me.

Because we have always been happy and perfect together, but he made me to be stranded so i dont know what i must do.


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