Inside The Rock’s £7million Georgia Mansion With Enormous Kitchen, Swimming Pool And Library(Photos)


Housing is one very important necessity every man needs to live well. While some people live in rented apartments and homes, many people have also taken time and resources to build permanent accommodation for themselves and their families.

Dwayne Johnson who is popularly known as the Rock is one of those popular celebrities who have taken time and resources to build a permanent home for himself and his family.

The professional actor and wrestler had put smiles on the face of thousands around the world. His acquiring of a very comfortable mansion for himself and his family is a clear sign that the megastar is truly a lover of good things.

Considering this, I'll want us to take a look at his house in Georgia.

The mansion is built on a 26 acre of land with the main property being 14, 791 square feet.

See what the house looks like on the inside:

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