Meet The Two Adorable Daughters of Barack and Michelle Obama

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The rich are very clever when it comes to birth control. I’ve observed that many of the rich people I know, have few kids. I totally agree with the concept of having few kids, as it's better to have kids that you can easily cater for.

Former President, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have only two kids, Malia and Sasha. Malia was born in 1998 while Sasha was born in 2001. The two are very adorable girls and were really in the limelight when their parents moved to the White House in 2009. 

As children with a busy family, the two girls took interest in different hobbies. Malia was interested in soccer, dance and drama, while Sasha opted for gymnastics and tap. The two however took interest in piano and tennis.

They both graduated from the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. They had to stop going to their school in Chicago, University of Chicago Laboratory School, when their parents moved to the White House. Even as a high school student, Malia interned at the US Embassy in Spain during 2016 summer. 

Sasha graduated from Sidwell Friends in 2019 and currently a student of University of Michigan. Malia on the other hand graduated in 2016 and moved to Harvard University. The two girls are beautiful and adorable. The Obamas are a nice, small, and interesting family.

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