5 Physical Things Beautiful Ladies Look For In Guys

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There are some physical things ladies look out for in a guy. These are the things they look out for especially if it's the first time they are meeting you. Here are the five things ladies look out for.

1. Hair:

You need to make sure that your hair is well cut, if you have a full hair make sure that it is neat and well combed, if you have dreads on your head, ensure that it also neat.

2. Beards

Some ladies like beards, keep and treat your beards well, use all the necessary treatment to make it look clean and attractive.

3. Shoe

While approaching a lady, your shoe is part of what she will look out for in you, make sure you're not wearing any kind of shoe.

4. Wrist Watch

Use a nice wrist watch because it is part of what attracts a lady at first sight.

5. Dressing

Dressing is another thing ladies do look out for in a guy. Know how to combine colours, don't just dress anyhow and also smell good.

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