Thickleeyonce won over her 'crush' Ndumiso of Black Diamond

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Probably the cutest cooperation on Twitter occurred on Thursday night after Thickleeyonce admitted she really likes one portion of the Blaq Diamond couple, Ndumiso Mdletshe, and continued to shoot her shot. 

Thickleeyonce could no longer remain quiet about her smash, and chose to impart to her supporters. 

"For what reason do I really like Blaq Diamond? Send help," she said. 

She previously needed to explain which individual from Blaq Diamond she was squashing on the grounds that, in the same way as other different peeps, she thought Blaq Diamond was one person. Kante, there's two folks, specifically Ndumiso and Sphelele Dunywa. 

"Kante, it's two individuals. For what reason didn't I know this? I was asking why the other person is consistently with him. I thought it was his bestie. My awful, I really like the one with the locks. He's charming," she explained. 

The flawless larger size model and influencer may have been kidding, yet one thing prompted another and before she knew it, her squash was labeled. 

When Blaq Diamond was labeled, he appeared. Also, by the manner in which he reacted, tweeps realized Thicklee's shot had hit the spot. 

It turns out Blaq Diamond, erm, "likes" them thick... 

Tweeps needed to keep themselves down to prevent from arranging a wedding. The general agreement is that sister presently has an open permit to slide into the DMs, so tweeps urged her to make the best choice. 

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