Western Cape education department in hot water after 100 000 scholars are fed

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where do we draw the line when it comes to the rules and regulations in terms of Covid-19? i mean if i am allowed to ask! what am i talking about?! well i ask this question after according to an article posted by News24, the Idependant Civic Organization of SA ( Icosa) laid a criminal charge on Monday 13 April 2020, against the Western Cape education department for wanting to go ahead with its National Food Nutrition Programme (NFNP) claiming it contravenes national lockdown regulations. 

According to Icosa and the article, Icosa laid a charge against the Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schafer, saying it was concerned about media reports in which the MEC and Premier Alan Winde are being quoted as saying that they are continuing with the NFNP despite President Cyril Ramaphosa having declared a national lock down. 

It is not a secret or a myth that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many South Africans have been left hungry with no powers of even fending for themselves during the lockdown. poverty is South Africa is a reality of many, it is not a face people wear it is in fact a real issue. 

As this is an opinion piece and not so much of an article, in my opinion even though Icosa national spokesperson David Kamfer refers the act by the department as irresponsible, though i understand his/ her reasons, i commend the two people who realized there was a problem and acted on it besides sitting in their mansions.  

According to the article, 100 000 children were fed, i was a product of feeding scheme because my grandmother did not always have enough to feed me. i never missed school because even with my difficult background, i knew i would get a plate of food at school and was still able to save some for when i got home. 

reality is that many of us grew up this way, we are doctors, journalists and so on because of the assistance we received from these schemes. children go to school and they get that meal five days a week, it reduces a load on the parents and keeps the child with a full belly. Imagine the last 21 days without that meal!! I for one would like to command all the people who are trying to help. I know we are in a situation but it is much easier when we fight it while raising a fallen soldier. 

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