2 Women Who Stole Other Women's Babies

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Due to the pressure to have children, some women have been forced to steal other women's children and pass them off as their own. Babies are occasionally taken from hospitals or their mothers' homes. An expectant mother is slain and the fetus is taken from her womb in the most extreme situations.

1. Wade, Ashleigh

Angelique Sutton was on her way to a New York courtroom to marry Patrick Bradley on November 20, 2015, when she stopped by the home of her friend Ashleigh Wade to pick up a wedding present. Wade chopped Sutton's larynx (voice box) so she couldn't scream instead of giving her a present. Wade then ripped into Sutton's abdomen and took her unborn child.

Wade then called Andrew Praylow, her boyfriend, to inform him that she had just given birth. Wade went on to say that she believed she had killed someone. Praylow returned home to find his apartment strewn with blood and Sutton's body strewn in a corner. While waiting for the cops, he stepped outside and cradled the new baby (which he assumed was his). The infant, subsequently named Jenasis, survived the incident despite receiving two knife wounds in her right thigh.

Wade claimed the baby was hers at first. She eventually admitted to kidnapping Jenasis from her own mother's womb. Wade had been telling her partner that she was expecting a child, and he had believed her since her tummy had grown larger. Wade wasn't feigning a pregnancy for the first time. She pretended to be pregnant and give birth in 2013, but the kid died a few days later, she claimed.

2. Erika Jisela Miranda-Alvarez

Erika Jisela Miranda-Alvarez stabbed Carolina Flores to death in her Houston home on December 19, 2017, before leaving with her six-week-old baby, Shamali Flores.

Miranda-Alvarez was pregnant at the time of the murder and was expecting to give birth in January. But she had a miscarriage and kept it a secret from everyone, including her lover. She pretended to be pregnant for a while longer before murdering Flores, snatching her baby, and informing her lover that she had given birth to a daughter. The missing Shamali was tracked down to Miranda-house Alvarez's by the police and FBI. Around 1:00 a.m., they discovered Miranda-Alvarez and her boyfriend attempting to flee town with Shamali.

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