Why North Has Begun Support For Yemi Osinbajo To Become Nigeria President 2023.

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The presidential elections is no doubt one of the biggest events in the country. As the next presidential elections draw near in 2023, every part and region in the country is clamouring to produce the country's next president.

The build-up to the 2023 presidential election has been characterized by demands by Southern Nigeria political actors and groups, for the seat of the presidency to be zoned to the South.

The ruling political party in Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress party (APC) are already at loggerheads for a suitable candidate for the presidential position in 2023. 

By all indications, the All Progressives Congress APC is picking her presidential candidate from the south, and also select a suitable candidate that can slug it out against any Northern candidate chosen by the people democratic party (PDP). 

The ruling party All Progressives Congress ( APC) is dominated by northerners politicians and they have power or the influence to choose any candidate of their choice from the south for the 2023 Presidential election, if they decide to zone the seat of presidency to the south. 

Without doubt, Tinubu is one of the most influential among the Present Generations of Politicians in South today. The 69years-old APC National Leader is yet to declare his interest in the 2023 Presidential Race. But He is a top Contender who many are expecting APC to give the Presidential ticket coming 2023 general election. But the question is will he get supports from the north region during primary election, who dominated the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC), also will he also get vote from the north who always produce the highest number of voters in Nigeria general election.

But with some campaign signs it seem that the some northerners will Prefer Vice president Professor Yemi Osinbajo as their presidential candidate for 2023 general election. 

Few months ago The Progressive Consolidation Group visited Nasarawa State in northern Nigeria and held talks with the state governor, Abdullahi Sule, at the Government House, Lafia.

The leader of the delegation, Dr. Aliyu Kurfi said they will chose Osinbajo to run for office because of his good leadership qualities, since he was elected vice president in 2015.

"We have reviewed his life history and career, as well as his political struggles, and we have agreed to work together to promote his candidacy for the presidency," he said.

Another reason why Governor Abdullahi Sule endorsed and also hinted that APC and northerners would support him is that he has a high chance to continue and consolidate the gains of the Buhari administration. One of the major concerns in the party is how to hold things together after Buhari, which explains why some APC members from the North region believe that Osinbajo is the best chance to stabilize and unify the APC after 2023.

While the chieftain of the party in Kebbi State, Mallam Salihu Isa Nataro, has also disclosed that the search for a suitable Vice Presidential candidate has begun in earnest in the north.


Mallam Nataro noted that; “a consensus is steadily building among the progressive members of the political class, who are fair, just, equitable and continue to believe in one united and strong Nigeria that the Presidency should go South.”

Nataro, who spoke to The Guardian, on Monday, said patriotic and fair-minded northerners are in favour of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo becoming the 2023 APC presidential candidate.


While expressing the hope that Osinbajo would eventually become the next President of the country , Nataro remarked that as a partisan and a knowledgeable APC insider, he knows that the challenge to the north is to find a loyal and dutiful running mate to the current Vice President.

Although, the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has so far maintained a dignified silence about his next political move. Yet speculations about his plan to contest the 2023 presidential election refuse to go away.

But sources close to the VP confirm that he may be interested in the contest, but he is only bidding his time and will only come out when the coast is clear.

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