Great News To All Kenyans From The Ministry Of Health Mutahi Kagwe Today


Actually it a great news today to hear as more number of people have recovered from the coronavirus pandemic. It is really happy to hear it. This what we expect from each and every day's report. We are in need of getting rid of this pandemic.

Today , 1,401 people have recovered. It is actually a big number. It shows great implication that our bodies are developing strong antibodies of Fighting this virus. Therefore vaccination will highly help. Our country is now totalling to 179,520 people who have recovered from COVID-19 since the virus arrived.

However, even a few number today have tested positive from the same virus. 241 people have tested positive from the sample size of 2,961. This shows that many y are somehow trying their level best by following covid-19 measures.

Sadly, we have today lost one fellow just because of this pandemic. We do not expect this at all. We are tied of losing our beloved ones. We are not ready at all to lose our dearest fellows. People should keep on fighting this pandemic.

It is a humble request actually from ministry of health to all kenyans that covid-19 measures should be kept on followed ever until we realize the end of this pandemic. Let us continue wearing our face masks, keep Washing our hands and practicing social distancing as well. All shall just come to be okey if we will keep adhering to the available measures.