If You Are Not Successful, People Will Hear Whatever You Say But They Won't Listen To You- Reno


Nowadays, people tend to listen to those who are rich even if they are foolish. We live in a world where people won't listen to you if you are poor no matter the level of your wisdom.

You have to succeed in this life, not because you love material things or you want to show off but because you want to become relevant and not someone that's ignored in the society.

According to Mr Omokri, you should succeed, not because you are materialistic, or because you love money, but because you live in a world where people won't listen to you even if you are wise and nice. They will listen to you if you are successful. So if you want to be listened to, you have to succeed.

Mr Omokri further posted that without success, people will hear you, but they won't listen to you. But you are a human being and not a parrot. You don't want to be heard, you want to be listened to. That's why you should try to find something that your hand can prosper at, or you should learn to stay quiet.

Mr Omokri is getting massive reactions under this tweet as almost everybody believe that it is necessary to succeed in this life. Below are some of the reactions he got under this tweet.

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