Am with Ace Magashule no matter what

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Carl Niehaus, an agent for the Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association, said that he will stay by companion Ace Magashule. Magashule has been told by the African National Congress National Executive Committee to move aside because of his degradation and blackmail case, anyway so far he isn't willing to move aside purposefully and this will leave the social affair with no choice aside from to suspend his enlistment. 

Niehaus, a strong accomplice of Magashule has finished his quietness on what Magashule is going through this moment. "No one ought to contemplate, yet incase anyone does. Permit me to communicate the undeniable: I'll stay by partner Ace Magashule, as I stay by the total of my mates and associates all through extraordinary and horrendous events. I comprehend what comradeship demands. Unwavering quality is fundamental for my DNA," he said. 

"Much liked Cde Carl, you are one of just a modest bunch not many extra loyal friends in the improvement that are truly strong and zeroed in on the explanation," Twitter customer said.


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