Bonang Matheba's Complicated love affair. "I just wish he was one person."

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Bonang Matheba has broken the silence about her love life. Despite the fact that she is a public figure, most people including her best followers probably do not have a glue about who she is dating, since she opted to remain silent on her romantic lifestyle.

Most of her fans have been questioning her relationship goals, with others wondering whether she is planning to to have children. One of her fans once asked, "Bonny are you planning to have a child at 50 like Naomi Chambel?"

The last time she was in a known an famous relationship is when she dated South Africa's renowned rapper AKA. However Bonang has now indicated that she is in a relationship at least for the second time right now.

Last year, during her 34 birthday she pronounced that she is in a relationship on a live Instagram video. However she also indicated that, she was not going to show her boyfriend's identity and she really sticked to it.

During that time she said, "I have a man, and I am planning on giving him children. He is so shy, I can't show you his face. You guys will judge him. The last time I shared, you all spammed his Instagram, then it ended in pain."

Now Bonang has again indicated that she is in a relationship, which somehow doesn't complete her apparently. The celebrity claims that she somehow wishes her lover was one person. "I’ve met the love of my life, I just wish he was one person." Bonang posted on her Twitter account.


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