Nature and technology wows us with this Costa Rican “Glass Frog”

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Nature and technology have a way of wowing us in our daily lives, as when you think you have seen it all, you get to see another part of them that makes you marvelled by how they could appear to put us in a state of surprise.

As a human on earth you must have heard of transparent cars, which is a great feat to be achieved by science, but you will be surprised that nature also has the ability to offer us something like a transparent animal with goes by the name the Costa Rican "Glass Frog".

The animal named the Costa Rican “Glass Frog” has a body that looks naturally transparent, which gives you a view of seeing through its body, in a view that shows it's internal organ structures. As you can literally see “The glassfrog’s liver and digestive tract have light-reflecting cell structures called iridophores, which could protect the frogs from getting internal sunburn” it is indeed a creation that shows how marvellous science can be which is very cool.

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