Opinion: A secret in the Bible that most pastors don't talk about.


For months now I have been on an adventure to find answers to some questions in the Bible that most pastors don't talk about. It's kind of alarming to me when I see that most of the stakeholders in the Christian communities don't talk about these issues. Even if someone tries talking about it they silence the person and criticize the person for not being scriptural. They turn to blame education as the cause of this eye opening of most young and coming youth and it's turning their heart from God. But I think it's right for every person to know whom they are serving.

Well not being of exception to these criticism I know that most Christian are going to criticize me but I also believe strongly that people who are willing to learn are also going to pick something of importance from what we are going to discuss. Have you ever thought of this?. What did God look on as reference for creating a woman. We literally believe that Adam is the image of God. What then did God look on on creating a woman.

I know that to most Christians would consider this question as irrelevant but truly do I say to you that it matters. Who would want to live with a wife he knows nothing about. Who would also be with a father he knows nothing about. Well these and many more questions have I seen and I think our pastors and stakeholders of the Christian community has some explanation to give.

Thank you.

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