7 Reasons Why Guys ‘Hit and Run’


The cliché – 'hit and run' is very prevalent in Ghanaian society. It’s no rocket science to deduce the meaning behind the name. essentially, it explains why men chase women, take them to bed and finally abandon them. So, Folkxhub has culled together some reasons why men will hit and run from a section of Ghanaian men. They are not arranged in any particular order:

When her bedroom performance is abysmal

After constantly chasing her and finally ending up in the bedroom, men will naturally want someone who is adventurous and crazy in bed. So, when they find out you’re boring in bed, they quickly take a hike.

Because of men 'competition'

Men naturally are adventurous as I said in the first point and they love to discover more ladies and their kind of adventure. So, some men easily find you unattractive immediately they get a chance in your pants. So, ladies should be on the lookout and find men who have mature and outgrown from this game.

When the lady is not neat

Some men wouldn’t tolerate a lady who is not neat. They would love to see a beautifully clean room and whenever the ladies visit, they should equally maintain their rooms as clean as they met it. One man says he loves his bedsheet clean, ironed and laid.

Too long ‘stressing’ period

Well, we all know how some ladies would take men on a long stressful period of assessment before officially saying YES to them. Some men in this situation would plan to run when they successfully hit the cookie.


Nagging can be very irritating and even my siblings can attest to that fact. Immediately guys spot a lady who nags, they make their plans already but because they don’t want to waste the efforts, they just hit ‘keke’

Smelly girls

Oh NO! her mouth smells bad. Men will discuss this with their friends and they will make a decision unanimously. This is imperative and all ladies should invest quality time in keeping a clean-smelling mouth and other areas.

Lying about virginity

Some ladies will quickly drop their virginity status when the conversation is up. But when guys find out it’s false, they feel you’re not real and doesn’t deserve his respect and love. How about not saying that at all? Besides, you don’t owe anybody any explanation of your virginity.


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