I Spoke Against It From My Powerless And Helpless Corner - Journalist Cries Over Galamsey


Highly recognized sports journalist Saddick Adams has made painful remarks on the current state of the country's water bodies which has been out of galamsey activities. 

He said: 

My grand father and my father cared for nature, fought to protect the environment so my generation and I could live. 

They used all means including superstitious beliefs, to ensure nobody ever dared threaten water bodies and nature. It is the reason I could fetch and drink clean water with cocoyam leaves and still stay healthy.

If in some years, my children and grandchildren will have to pay for imported water from another country because a few selfish and greedy individual of my era decided to sell our environment to foreigners, exchange our lives for filthy wealth at the expense of the safety of the masses and the next generation. 

If in some years, fishes and human will die from drinking water filled with poisonous chemicals, let this write up be evidence that I didn't support it, I was against it. 

I spoke against it from my powerless and helpless corner.

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