Video: Tragedy Strikes As Lorry Rolls Over And Rams Vehicles And Motorbikes Parked Along The Road


They say tragedies cannot be avoided. Accidents are tragedies that always bring unwanted misery for families and friend involved.

According to the official Standard Digital Twitter page, people of Kendu Bay, Homa Bay county are in somber mood after they were hit by a tragedy. A man was killed and four others were gravely injured after a wayward lorry rammed onto cars and motorbikes parked along the road.

People at Katito road in Kendu Bay have been left in shock and sadness when a speeding lorry lost its breaks and rammed on vehicles and motorbikes that were parked along the road.

In a video shared below it is clear that people were busy going about their routine when a lorry appeared out of nowhere and rolled over ramming and destroying cars that were parked along the road. In fact people began running long before the lorry hit meaning they could see from a distance that something was wrong with the lorry before it rolled over. Here is the link to the video: