Huge Amount Of money Tirop's Killer Husband Transferred To His Account While She Was at The Olympics

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The family of the late Kenyan Olympic Champion Agnes Tirop has called upon the director of criminal investigations to help them acquire all the wealth that the deceased had made before her untimely death.


According to the reports given by the family of the deceased, they claimed that their daughter might have been murdered by her husband who wanted to Inherit all of her wealth without her knowledge.

Reports have revealed that the suspect allegedly transferred a huge amount of money along with several other properties that were owned by summing up to 9 million shillings from the deceased while she was still competing in the Olympics. All of this is said to have been done in her absence.

The dead body of the late Tirop was found a few days ago in her house nursing a Knife wound which she had been murdered with by her killer husband who was later arrested by a group of detectives from the director of criminal investigations in Mombasa.

According to the reports given by the DCIs who took to their Twitter account to confirm the Arrest of the suspect, they claimed that he was trying to get out of the country and had already rammed on several police road blocks in order to get away from their Traps before being arrested.

In the latest news on the incident, the Kenyan government Pathologist has revealed that the deceased died after being stabbed by her killers. According to the reports given by the government Pathologist who conducted a postmortem on the deceased, she revealed that the deceased was hit with a blunt objectvin the head before being stabbed to death.

In relation to the burial of the deceased, Tirop's father has called upon the family of the suspect to not attend his daughter's burial. According to the reports given by the father of the deceased, he said that he never recognized the suspect as his daughter's boyfriend until the time of her death.

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