A list of Songs Released By Morgan Heritage Band


_Morgan Heritage is a appointed Jamaican reggae band formed in 1994 by five children of reggae artists Denroy Morgan.

_They have released different songs like : Protect us Jah(1997),One calling (1998),Don't haffi dread (1999),More teachings(2001),Three in one(2003),Full circle (2000), Another Rockaz Moment (2006), Mission in progress (2008),The journey this far(2009),Here comes the king's(2013), Strictly roots(2015), Loyalty (2019),Avrake dabra(2020).

_Other songs that the band has released are:,Pay attention (Morgan Heritage and Patoranking),Beach and country(Morgan Heritage),Africa x Jamaica ( Morgan Heritage), Loyalty (Morgan),The world is yours(Morgan Heritage),Harder than you know (Morgan Heritage), Nothing to smile about (Morgan Heritage),Still the same(Morgan Heritage), Pineapple wine(Morgan Heritage), Dancing in moonlight (Morgan Heritage),One in a million (Gramps Morgan),No more murder (Morgan Heritage), Ready for love(Morgan Heritage),Dem man deh(Morgan Heritage),This one for you mama(Morgan Heritage),Child of Jah(Morgan Heritage), Strictly roots (Morgan Heritage),light it up(Morgan Heritage),Down by the river(Morgan Heritage), One Family (Morgan Heritage),Ride and Roll(Morgan Heritage),Tired of injustice (Morgan Heritage),Cool and East(Sammy Johnson) and Sunday morning (Morgan Heritage).

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