Photos Of The Most Expensive Highway That The Electric Bus That Was Imported In Kenya Will Use

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There has been great improvement on the infrastructure in the country since the president Uhuru Kenyatta ascended in to power .Yesterday a swedish manufacturer imported one of the most expensive electric bus that shall be used in Kenya.

It was introduced just after the route was fully constructed.The highway has been Constructed with the most expensive materials in Nairobi city.The government has used a billions of money to help improve the transport sectors.

The electric bus will easily reduce the traffic congestion in the city that has been witnessed over period of time.The Chinese engineers has been given several contracts to build several roads in the country since from their work experience they have constructed most of the best highways.

The highway will only be used by the electric buses in Kenya due to their speed and how they are manufactured.The electric bus from swedish can be driven at a speed more than the normal buses can be driven.

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