'Suspected' Momo Fraudster Escapes Lynching At Dabaa (Photos)


It's very alarming the rate at which some scrupulous people inflict pain on mobile money vendors these days, making the business which was very lucrative some years ago, now become very scary business adventure.

All because armed robbers and fraudsters won't give operators peace of mind to successfully carry their businesses as they leave people with huge debt, rendering innocent ones homeless, while others die in the cause of work.

There's an adage that says, every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner, this is a similar situation of a beautiful young lady identified as Kate Boateng, suspected to be a Momo fraudster who successfully defrauded a Mobile Money Vendor of whopping amount of GHS5400 at Dabaa in the Nhyiaeso Constituency of the Ashanti Region.

She was subsequently apprehended by angry people of Dabaa and almost lunch the lady, but timely

intervention of the Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso Constituency Hon Stephen Amoah to save her from the mob and handed her over to the police as she is currently in custody assisting investigations.

Many were of the view that guys are the only people involve in such criminal activities but this pretty lady's attitude has cleared the thought in the minds of the multitude.

It would perfect seeing her at the market selling tomatoes garden eggs and other food stuffs, considering her black beauty, how men would have rushed to buy from her, rather she chooses to involve in tricks and quick way to make a living, unfortunately her cup runneth over today. Who knows the number of innocent people who might suffered in her hands. The evil that men do indeed they say lives after them.

Sincerely she was lucky the the MP of the area came to her rescue, like by now, the story would have be different.

I humbly advise all vendors to be more vigilant in their transactions since it's not easy to come by capital these days to start a business but due diligence will save all merchant through.

Moreover, it's highly recommended that customers take clue from the current happenings and advice themselves not to do huge transactions near to their homes all because not every vendor can be trusted, there are bad nuts among them.

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