Netizens Reacts to Monday Daily Nation And The Standard Newspapers Headlines


The standard

Handshake Goodies Split Raila's Allies- Mega Projects unleashed in Nyanza have put Raila Partners in Nasa, Mudavadi,Kalonzo and Wetangula- under pressure to deliver the presidency so that their region can benefit.

Daily Nation

Row Over Scheme to Delay 2022 polls-Proponents Of the building bridges initiative insist that a referendum must be held before the country goes to the elections, but politicians allied to deputy president William Ruto see this as a ploy to extend the life of parliament, and vow to resist it.

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Alex:Testing of waters....I knew from the word go this handshake had everything to do with calming Rao down in order to do all sort of evils because wamashati knows there is only one person who can give him hell and thats Agwabo so he had to be calmed down with all means possible...

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Peter:They should NOT delay election not even for a single hour by 6am of 9th August 2022 which will be 2nd tue of August those polling station should be open.

Ngige:Postpone the elections and this beautiful land will turn into ashes,,,,Accept your time is up,pack and leave!!!

Kevin:Let them not not test the limit of this generation.. this is not 1963.

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