Minnie Dlamini Raises Eyebrows By Her Recent Post-Look What She Posted

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Minnie Dlamini Raises Eyebrows with her recent post on Instagram-Look at what she posted.

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So many scandals are busy happening in our daily lives and people are busy worrying about their own lives .

In south African it is allegedly said that it is the number one country with high rate of divorce.

Last year 2020 ,when Lockdown Happened there were so many cases where many couples got divorced and things were not going so well.


In this article we talk about Minnie Dlamini, a week back she posted on Instagram that she and her husband were getting a divorce.

When she released that statement, many south Africans were in shock as to what is happening to our couple because it has just been only for years since they got married and already they are divorcing.

She even mentioned that if she hadn't divorced she would've taken her life just like Ricky Rick because she was also going through depression.

Today she posted a picture on Instagram which raised so many questions to the public.

That is this the reason why she divorced? To have the freedom she has now?

This picture posed a lot of questions.

Check this picture out that left Msanzi Speechless.

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I think that Minnie was going through the most in her 4 years of marriage and when she finally released that statement, she felt very free and relieved from all what was happening in her life.

What do you think of the picture she posted on Instagram? Do you think that she escaped her marriage to do this ?

Please comment down below on what you think.

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