Jubilee Candidate Susan Njeri Wakapee Calls For A Poll Repeat, Decries Election Rigging In Juja


Jubilee party candidate for the just concluded Juja mini poll Susan Njeri Wakapee has called for another by-election in Juja constituency decrying over an alleged meticulous election irregularities and rigging in many polling stations.

Addressing the media outside Mangu High School which is the main tallying centre, Hon Susan Njeri Wakapee lamented that some votes were left in Jomo Kenyatta and Gachororo polling stations raising questions over the IEBC's transparency and fairness.


"I'm calling for votes counting because this is really sad especially for a woman being unfairly treated. Some votes were left in Jomo Kenyatta and some in Gachororo. If anything, we are calling for another by-election" Susan Njeri Wakapee decried.

Kiambu Town MP Jude Njomo who was also in company with Susan Njeri threatened to move to court if the IEBC will announce results against the will of the people of Juja.

Jude Njomo accused IEBC officials for allegedly collaborating with People's Empowerment Party candidate Hon Koimburi to enhance voter bribery, intimidation of Jubilee Chief agents in various polling stations among other electoral malpractices.

A section of Jubilee supporters have also stormed out of the Mangu Tallying Centre in protest of the ongoing electoral processes stating that they can't sit and watch IEBC to announce "crooked" results.

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