Easy Ways To Be Strong Like An Army


1. Start with a dynamic warm-up.

Start with a warm-up that increases in intensity to prepare for your first exercise. Also, end with a cool-down that helps slow your heart rate to reduce soreness. This helps to achieve an effective workout and prevent injuries caused by exercise.

2. Maximize strength and endurance.

You should begin each workout with multi-joint exercises (squats, deadlifts, etc.), followed by additional exercises (lunges, pull-ups) that supplement your primary lifts in order to maximize results.

3. Go foot marching.

Foot march training is an important part of any Soldier’s fitness regimen, but can also be a great cardio/strength exercise for someone looking to reach an above-average fitness level. A good starting point is carrying 25% of your body weight for a mile, gradually increasing either the weight OR mileage each week, and always making sure you have enough water while you are out enjoying nature!

4. Monitor your heart rate to train with objectivity.

Cardio training helps accelerate the rate at which oxygen is delivered throughout your body to improve muscle activity. Monitoring your heart rate allows you to hit and maintain your body’s target heart rate (THR). Find your THR here. A variety of cardio is recommended, but if you can only do one cardio session a week, it should be speed training with a THR of around 85%.

5. Maintain a 1:2 "work-to-recovery" ratio.

Speaking of cardio training...it’s not advisable to push yourself to exhaustion in one sprint. To improve endurance, walk/rest for two units more than your sprint. (So if you sprint for 30 seconds, you should walk/rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the process.)

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