Katlego Maboe has left people talking after singing the beautiful song for them

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Many people didn't see it again after Katlego Maboe delivers one of the best performances on his social media page, which has caused a lot of people to react fast after seeing the video of him that has been going viral on Monday we're many people were happy to see him doing something like this.

It's clear that Maboe's career was nearly destroyed by the allegations that he was facing earlier this year, we're he lost his biggest job on Expresso because of confessing In cheating on his wife and it ended in tears for both of them because they dragged each other in court.

But the guy is bouncing back again and his followers are happy to see this happening to him.

He was going through a lot because of his honesty and they are also some bad guys who always cheat on their partners every day.

Maybe the SABC we're going hard on him because this thing could have taught many people about confession and forgiveness.

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