5 Major signs she wants a relationship with you

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1.She takes you to a family event

For example she can ask you to attend a christmas event with her family or friends.This will be her way of slowly integrating you to her family and friends.

2.She will ask a lot of questions

You might find her asking a lot of questions about your past.In normal situations,a girl cannot waste her time inquiring about a guy who she does not want to be in a relationship with.

3.She will want to meet your family and friends

When she really wants a relationship with you,she will urge you to take her to your family.During outings,she will find herself comfortable with your friends.

4.She will remember everything you like saying

She will remember every little details you normally say This clearly shows you that she also cares about you.

5.She will crack jokes with you

More often,she will joke with you by even playing with your ears.This shows that she is strongly into you.

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