Do You Know Obama Follows the Lady that Slept with 919 men in 24 hours, on Twitter?


In 2004, on the anniversary set by Lisa Sparks for sleeping with mist men in a day, its surprising to know that former US President Barack Obama follows her on Twitter.

WTFFacts is a twitter account that shares unbelievable facts over the globe and they made this known that the former U.S president is following Lisa Spark. The question is, what would have made him to follow her? To seek for advise maybe?

According to the twitter handle of WTFACTS in 2004, the aforementioned lady broke the record for the highest number of men slept with in a single day, sleeping with a total of 919 men in 24 hours.

The lady who broke the record in 2004 was motivated to break the record set by another user who has slept with 700 plus men. It was said she achieved her target by setting stipulated time with each men on the road to her world breaking record