Mature Man Tricked a Young Girl Into a Bush, Forcefully Slept With Her, Then Gave Her 15 Shillings


Peter Nzinzi Musyoki, a managed 40 years old, is currently being searched by the police officers after he allegedly slept with a young girl aged 5 years after pushing her in a nearby bush at Kilia village, Mukaa Sub-county in Makueni county, the incident took place on Monday.

From a report presented by the Directorate Criminal Investigations in Makueni, the man hijacked the minor as she was heading to buy milk at a nearby homestead, he then directed the young girl to a nearby bush where he did the act without being interfered with by onlookers, before letting the girl continue with her way, the man tricked her with 40 shillings so that she remains silent about the heinous act.

The incident left locals in shock as it was so inhumane for the mature man to do such an act to an underage primary school-going girl. After reporting the incident at home, the girl was immediately rushed to a medical facility for medical attention to be conducted. The disappointed mother is currently at Kilungu level 4 hospital taking care of the defiled girl.

The man who went into hiding after committing the beastly act is currently being searched by police officers so that he can fave the full wrath of the law.


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