“Slay Teacher Dating Tinah Zungu?”

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The young highschool teacher goes by the name of LULU Menziwa. In the year 2019 she totally became famous for her pictures she took while she was in the classroom. Some people of South Africa liked her dress code and some people said it was not appropriate for a place with children and young boys that are supposed to be focused on their schoolwork.

Below are some of the pictures.

Mr Thinah Zungu is a quintessential gospel artist. He has a heart for ministry and the voice of an angel. His content too, scares the devil out of his wits. He is a rare breed in a time when the world is awash with wayward ways. His songs bring glory back to Christ. All his life, God has been the light he needed at all times and the source of all the good that has come his way.

Credit: https://briefly.co.za/36832-thinah-zungu-biography-age-wife-affair-songs-albums-instagram.html

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