Trouble In Paradise? Kwesta Reported To Be Allegedly Cheating On His Wife

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Famous musician Kwesta has found himself trending for the wrong reasons, according to blogger, Musa Khawula, Kwesta is cheating on his wife and mother of his children.

The 33 year old musician is allegedly cheating on his partner, Yolanda Vilakazi, who he recently proposed to. The couple is married and have 2 children, but Kwesta proposed to his wife again as he had first concluded the traditional part of the marriage.

In the post exposing Kwesta, the girl named Nthabiseng that he is allegedly cheating with, can be seen in some videos with him.

It is rumoured that Kwesta visits his girlfriend when he has performances in Mbombela.

The couple who were just celebrating their proposal now have a lot of accusations to answer to. Many of Kwesta's fans shared their disappointment with the allegations made against him.

Kwesta and his wife have not responded to the allegations of cheating.

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