Dani Alves Vs Alessandro Florenzi - Who Is Your Best Right Back

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Dani Alves has been ranked as the best right back for years now. The former Barcelona sensation was a pro when it came to controlling the right side opponents half on the attack.

Dani Alves is one of the few right backs that is supremely skilled on the ball, having the ability to drive the ball through any defence and not forgetting his excellence at creating chances at goals.

Alessandro Florenzi is a pure talent in modern day football. The 29 year-old has one of the best motivations in Europe.

Florenzi is currently on loan at Valencia as he is having one of the best chances to explore around Europe in his football career.

The Italian International has repeatedly been compared to Dani Alves as the star is argued to being way better than Dani Alves.

Share your thoughts on the best between these two outstandingtanding players in the comment section.

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