8 Everyday things with hidden features you didn't know the purpose of


1. The hole in the cap of pens

Most people see this every day a probably don't know what it's exactly used for. Well actually, that hole serves as apassage way for oxygen into your lungs in case you mistakenly swallow the pen cap, then you may be wondering; " as old as i am" why not think about little ones like babies, they put just about anything that comes their way into their mouths, so, this serves a temporary protection until such an unfortnate individual is taken to the hospital for its removal.

2. The hole on a piece of at the top of drink cans

Its used to hold straws.

3.The holes on the side of converse shoes

If you look at that converse shoe on that your shoe rack, you might notice another pair of holes that are identical to the shoelace holes. some assume that these "extra" holes are for airflow into the feet, or just for fashion. Actually, they were intended for basketballers, the two holes would allow them to keep their laces from unraveling

4. Margins at the side of a notebook page

The manufacturers intended that for these main reasons

i. This margin is to guild how many sentences you could fit into a page.

ii. For note taking.

iii. Since rats nowadays have developed an appetite for paper and book, this margin will preserve the information from the shredding teeth of the rats.

5. Threaded bands on ear phone audio jacks

you may think 'this is just for tighter fit into the phone when plugged in' well, it actually serves as an insulating material to protect the wires when sound is been transmitted. This then enable you hear sounds coming from both speekers, otherwise, one of the earphones wont work

6. Silica gel bags found in new shoes and leather bags

manufacterers put this because the chemical composition of that substance in those small sacs have high affinity for moisture,it will therefore absorb humidity that can damage such products

7. the fifth pocket on your denim jeans

A lot of people have used it for different purposes. some keep in them cions, small lip balms, simcards, memory cards etc.

It was actually designed to hold expensive luxury pocket watches

8. holes in padlocks

after using a padlock for some period of time, we would realise that they get rusty and difficult to open, this small holes at the botton in made for pouring lubricants like engine oil inside, this simple process would ease the difficulty you have opening the lock.

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