Why I Did Not Abandon Bishop Oyedepo To Start My Church - Bishop David Abioye Discloses

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Some Pastors abandon their Senior Pastor in the ministry to start their church for various reasons. It could be that they were called by God to start the church, they had misunderstandings or any other reason best known to them.

In this light, the Leader of Winners Chapel, Goshen City, Abuja, Bishop David Abioye has disclosed why he did not abandon the General Overseer of the church, Bishop David Oyedepo to start his church.

In the video, the cleric said: "I have been saying this, If God does not call you to start a church, don't try it. If you do, you will run it by yourself. If you are working under a Pastor, don't get angry and abandon him. That is one of the reasons I did not abandon Bishop Oyedepo to start my church.

"I have been working under him for the past 40 years. Another reason I did not abandon him is that God called him and sent me to work under him, and by the grace of God, you can't deny the impact today. Ministry is not about numbers, it's about function. Let every man abide where he is called".

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