Here Is The Prayer You Can Pray To God Daily For a Divine Miracle In Your Life

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Prayer is the only way to connect with our creator and maker who is the most high God. Prayer opens many closed doors and attracts many miracles in your life. If you want miracles in your life then you must pray hard with faith.

Here is the powerful prayer to pray daily for a devine miracles in your life. Let's pray,

Dear God, I bow my heart before you this morning. I thank you for your faithfulness in my life. Thank you for your promise to bless and multiply me. Lord, Thank you for directing my steps and keeping me close to you as I increase in you.

Lord, I ask today to watch over me, my friends,parents, enemies and the loved one. and my loved ones. There are so many things out of my control and so father, I place my worries into your hands and surrendr Everything to you because nothing is impossible before you.

I pray you to protect us and guide us in times of confusion, comfort us in times of sadness and let your light shine down on us, and lead us on our righteous paths of kindness and love and patience.

I pray for your words to be the light I want in my life. Give me spiritual ears to hear your words and spiritual eyes that see them. Let me nourish my soul with your words, gaining wisdom and knowledge to live a life worthy of living.

Father, let your words live deep within my heart, changing it and purifying it, renewing my mind and body.I want to live the life you have planned for me, with all its wonderful promises and blessings.

I pray this prayer believing and trusting in Jesus name . Amen.

Remember as you pray that God loves those do according to his word and follow all the rules. You will see a miracle of God if you do according to God's word.

Thank you and follow for more.

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