Nov 17: Leo horoscope for today

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Problem solving benefits Leo today and tomorrow, and stable weather makes him stable as well. You sight your priorities and make smart decisions. You can give great advice and are much less distracted than you have been in recent times. A patient and systematic approach works best at this time and helps relieve stress.

You motivate yourself, you take care of the details that were lost (or didn't want to see) in the past. When the moon moves in your work and health zone today, the main thing that will make you feel good about your job and your responsibilities. You are on a long term cycle that you are particularly interested in making your life more secure and the energies of today are clarifying the problem.

Expect the unexpected, Leo today. Today's unstable opposition between Mercury and Uranus is shit at work. If you feel like you have a big secret project, a coworker may contact you and admit that they made a mistake.

Instead of berating them, see how you and your team can step in to save money while meeting your deadline. If you panic, contact someone who has experience and how you should work. Well, maintaining the Balance between personal life and one's work can be a difficult task to accomplish. Remember, you don't necessarily have to bear all the burden yourself!

Not everyone is as good a friend as you are. The art of friendship is difficult for some people. So be patient with others who don't always know what to do. If someone gets mad at you, misses an important date, or tells you about their needs, put it off a bit.

Even so, you should take the opportunity to clarify and educate how you can be a better partner in relationships, but you should also give them time to study.

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