‌Abortions Can Be Safe When Doctors Comply With The World Health Organization Rules - Herbalist

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‌The Chief Executive Officer of Adom Dankwah Herbal Centre located at Kodie Apagya in the Ashanti Region, H/Dr Patience Dankwah has indicated that abortions can be safe when Medical Practitioners comply with the laid down formalities which the World Health Organization has set aside for the job.

She indicted that the World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

She said making health for all a reality, and moving towards the progressive realization of human rights, requires that all individuals should have access to quality health care, including comprehensive abortion care service.

Speaking to the correspondent in an interview, the Herbal Doctor reiterated that proper abortion care also demands information on the patients among others to enable the operating doctor to discharge his or her duties without difficulty.

According to her, lack of access to safe, affordable and timely abortion care pose a risk to not only the physical, but also the mental and social well-being of women and girls.

H/Dr. Dankwah explained that induced abortion is simple and it is a common health-care procedure to safe abortion patients.

The herbalist conceded the fact that abortion can though be safe when it is carried out by using the approved methods recommended by the World Health Organization, someone with a requisite skills can also perform safe abortion.

The herbalist entreated women who wanted to abort their unwanted pregnancies to consult an expert medical officers for advise instead of consulting unqualified doctors who would put their life in danger.

H/Dr. Patience Dankwah on this note, urged Ghanaian women especially the young females to stop practicing abortions for the sake of their own safety.

She hinted further that too much abortions can lead to mental disorder hence there are many young women who are allegedly suffering from mental illness apparently because of continuous abortions.


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