Uzalo: This is how Good Samaritans saved Gabsile. She is back on uZalo.

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Hello everyone welcome back to Sanelyf Channel and thank you so much for tunning in. 

It's been a romours but now it's confirmed that Gabisile! Is coming back. 

we last saw her where she was confessing her evil sins of killing Qhabanga's wife and son Khehla. Qhabanga who was very angry assumed He killed Gabsile and throw her body in the river. We later learned that she was found by good Samaritans alive, hence she is back to our screen. 


August teasers by tvsa reveals that she will come back on the 20th of August and she will ask for forgiveness from the church and plead to be accepted again. The big question is Will she be arrested for her sins? we are about to find out. 

Guys I don't know if Gabsile will bring vavavum on uzalo or not but I'm scared that she will also disappear like all the old actors who comes back and leave after few days. 

That is all I have for today, do leave your comments below and share your opinions



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