Winnie has a change of hearts and she wants to tell Jojo about the baby, Mbali is not happy

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Mbali called Winnie to thank her for saving her again. Winnie told Mbali that it was the last time that she lied for her. Mbali agreed with her. She then asked for a favour. She asked to put her hand on her belly and she did, Mbali told her that she was the future of her and Jojo and also her own family. Winnie started to have thoughts.

"What would Jojo say if he knew that I had his future in my hands?" Winnnie said. Mbali was surprised and she quickly shut her down. "That's not your baby Winnie." Mbali replied. It was clear that Winnie was having second thoughts. Yes, she agreed to carry the baby for Mbali until it was born but it is part her, she has developed a bond with the baby. Winnie feels like she could be the right mother for Jojo's baby. Mbali on the other hand believes that her marriage will be saved after the baby has been born.


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