Check out what a guy did to the girl friend


Men are accepted to be the defenders in a relationship. Indeed, even siblings are defensive of their sisters and moms. They will go far and past to keep them safe and battle any foe. In any case, this person had Twitter in lines as he decided not to shield his better half from a canine. The dark canine which resembled a pitbull came pursuing the road and it looked horrendous and prepared to assault. Rather he decided to ensure himself, protecting his life so he fled leaving his sweetheart to fight for herself. 

Numerous individuals particularly folks rushed to say they would do likewise in the event that they were in a similar circumstance. They said ladies need equivalent rights and to be free so they nolonger need to ensure them. Somebody shielded the fellow and said possibly he will get a stick and afterward return. So it appears it is each man for himself in such circumstances. On a genuine note, would you have remained behind 

battled or fled. Look at the interesting reponses beneath. 


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